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  • Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Exterior Cladding

Cleaning of buildings exterior cladding and windows,will be provided with modern gears and equipment by the expert staff of Atlas Hizmet.
Atlas Hizmet,
with the chemicals used in cleaning will extend the life of buildings cladding. Atlas Hizmet also provide guarantee of safety of cleaning staff.



  • Office Cleaning
  • General and Protective Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Seats and Carpets Cleaning

Who don't want the positive energy and impression of a very clean building or Office on people!..Moreover, its a reality that the hygenic environments increase the desire of working. Atlas Hizmet, Through the fisibilitys and a systematic perspective planning, increases the duration of use of equipments and will save you from additional costs. 



  • Cleaning of Production Areas
  • Production of Social Areas

Factory cleaning requires experience and professionalism.Atlas Hizmet, experience in this area, with emerging Technologies, full capacity cleaning and hygene principles,willoffer its service to your factory.Well trained Atlas Hizmet staff,with the understanding of periodic maintenance and cleaning provides high efficiency and durability in your plants.Converts the working areas to the habitable spaces.



  • General Care
  • Protectional Care
  • Polishing
  • Daily Cleaning and Care

'First impression' is important. Because it is not easy to forget. Floor of a building is the place where to gather suspicious looks, throughness of enthusiasts and hardly like wievs on.
By Atlas Hizmet experts,flor care and cleaning plans prepared according to the type of floor,desired level of cleanliness and architectural project. Atlas Hizmet staff, periodically provide serviceswhich will increase the floor resistance  with chemicals and equipment suitable for floor material.



  • House Keeping
  • Cleaning Services

In hotel services, Atlas Hizmet with the awareness that quality is an important element in terms of prestige, assured of continuity of staff. Atlas Hizmet, has the structure of an organization which provided to solve your housekeeping requirements in a rigorious and effective way.

In the ares of housekeeping and cleaning public areas, our trained staff with a service that allows you to secure your guests.

Atlas Hizmet guarantees quality and excellence in housekeeping services.



  • General Cleaning          
  • Detailed Cleaning

At the end of the costruction, cleaning work must be done quickly and carefully providing high quality and efficieny.Whereas process of purification from the construction waste so is a risky and difficult.Atlas Hizmet experts,in after construction cleaning with the right choise of product and devices, ceases the wastes of construction and detailed cleaning to be a problem.With the carefully prepared cleaning plan, allows the realization of your openings on time and orderly



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