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Some of us around was named the new millenium as "Information Age". Communication and information across the borders in this age where our world, communities built common projects or in other words were forced to work part. Humanity of our age, creating to themselves some cities in harmony and the businesses being part of this structure, with according the harmony of these cities, structuring the processes according to the rules.Sites which differ are any how being different expertises, in these cities , they have to walk to same goal in harmony. Businesses efficiency and successes are according to this.How do a buildings columns stop individually even though they hold the same roof,we do want to make our business a part of your city in harmony and be next to you and distress from being problems seperately standing infront of you and each requires different expertise and services and to make today a candided wall or strenghtening columns of your companies roof.

Taking our forces from our well trained staff infastructure based on total quality system and our information from our investigative and continuously improving administration, we're next to you and permenantly at your service in BUILDING MANAGEMENT,CLEANING SERVICES, TECHNICAL SERVICES, HUMAN RESOURCES, LANDSCAPING AND MEDICATION SERVICE activity areas.

Atlas Hizmet ve Ticaret Ltd.Sti. was established in 2003, as to meet with you and will be happy to serve you.
Best Regards.


 2003 – ESTABLISMENT, Cleaning Services and Building Management began to serve dominantly.
 2004 – Technical Services , Staff Support, Lanscape Services and Disinfection Services added to the field of activities
 2004 – ANKARA, İZMİR and ANTALYA Regional Offices began to serve.
 2007 – MERSİN Regional Offices took action.
 2008 – Headquarter moved to their new building in İSTANBUL-MALTEPE .

 Still serving you in 2012 with our increasing references and service quality.


  • Mission

  • With competitive and sustainable growth potential, presenting continious, reliable and on time services in Building Management, Cleaning Services, Technical Services, Human Resources,Landscaping and Medication Service topics.

  • Vision

  • With the understanding of service, by making differences in the service sector, access to a sample and permanent position.

  • Quality Values

    Team Work
    Adaptation to Change and Development
    Reliability and Humility
    Information and Education
    Remain in the Legal Framework





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Atlas Hizmet ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

İdealtepe Mah. Denizciler Cad. No:23 Kat:1
Maltepe / İstanbul – Türkiye
Tel: 444 08 53 Fax: +90 (216) 371 77 88

Şirket Sermayesi: 1.857.500 TL
Küçükyalı Vergi Dairesi: 102 030 7632
Sicil No: 505147
Şirket Müdürü: Erdoğan GÜRKAN

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